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GA Telesis, a global leader in commercial aviation, is revolutionizing the industry with its newest division, the Digital Innovation Group. By integrating cutting-edge digital solutions and technologies. The Digital Innovation Group is committed to reducing technical debt, optimizing operations, and building monetization strategies that will help drive digital transformation within the aviation industry.


Through our digital solutions, we can help aviation stakeholders optimize their material usage, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.


We leverage the power of AI to automate processes, reduce manual workloads, and improve overall accuracy.

Building the Future of Aviation
and Aerospace for over 20 years

In 2020, GA Telesis launched the Digital Innovation Group to address the growing need for innovative digital solutions in the aviation industry. The company recognized that there was a significant opportunity to leverage digital technologies to optimize operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall customer experiences.


DIG pursues the vision of a secure and connected world powered through ingenuity and democratized technology.

We build innovative solutions and bring them to market, creating new opportunities, helping drive transformational change in removing friction and improving business viability.




The DIG team is innovating business solutions using emerging technology across multiple industries and a large variety of business verticals. If your enterprise operates within one or more of these communities, DIG would welcome a discussion to explore the potential of innovating a mutual opportunity.


  • Aerospace
  • Supply Chain & Logistics


The Digital Innovation Group’s innovative solutions are not only transforming the aviation industry but also contributing to the global economy by lowering the cost of commercial aviation. By reducing technical debt and optimizing operations, we’re enabling our partners to compete more effectively in the global market.

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Jason Reed Promoted to President of Digital Innovation Group at GA Telesis

        June 24, 2024 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis, LLC (“the Company”), the leading provider of innovative solutions for the commercial airline industry, announces the promotion of Jason Reed to the position of President of its Digital...

GA Telesis Digital Innovation Group Announces FraudBlock™ API Service for Enterprises in AWS Marketplace

February 24, 2022 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida –The Digital Innovation Group (“DIG”), a GA Telesis, LLC company, announces Fraudblock™, the first Fraud Protection Application Programming Interface (API) service of its kind for U.S.-based enterprises, now available in...

The Digital Innovation Group and Government Blockchain Association Form the GBA Aviation & Aerospace Working Group

March 31, 2021 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida –The Digital Innovation Group (“DIG”), a GA Telesis, LLC company, and the Government Blockchain Association (“GBA”) announces the formation of the GBA...

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