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February 24, 2022 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida The Digital Innovation Group (“DIG”), a GA Telesis, LLC company, announces Fraudblock™, the first Fraud Protection Application Programming Interface (API) service of its kind for U.S.-based enterprises, now available in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace™.  AWS comprises over 200 products servicing over 310,000 global customers for computing, cloud storage, networking, database, analytics, and more, now with FraudBlock™ as the first Fraud Protection API available to enterprise businesses. Banks, financial institutions, high-volume payment gateways, and FinTech companies will benefit the most from the seamless integration and easy access for activating FraudBlock.

“Our FraudBlock API truly is an industry breakthrough. We’ve solved the critical ‘first mile’ by providing the highest level of accuracy possible in fraud detection and prevention before it happens,” said Jason Bennick, CEO of Blockrails and President of DIG Holdings. “Using emerging technologies, DIG utilizes artificial intelligence to root out, identify and flag fake identities, accounts, and potential fraud,” commented Bennick.

FraudBlock™ is the foundational service and core engine of the larger Blockrails™ platform, a cloud-based Deal Management as a Service (DMaaS) solution maintained by Blockrails LLC. The FraudBlock™ technology also supports ClearPay™ within Blockrails, a fraud-free earnest money deposit payment tool specially designed for real estate transactions.

Blockrails CTO and DIG Head of Technology, Darryl Maraj, added, “The FraudBlock™ Fraud Protection API service has been designed with data accuracy, quality, and latency in mind. As a result, it offers measurable speed, scale, and cost benefits to our clients. These benefits help by replacing costly manual employee processes and procedures, reducing organizational risks, and protecting customers.”

FraudBlock’s current usage channel and client partnerships span across the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and include Fortune 500 companies and mid-level enterprises, helping detect and prevent fraud for over $10 million in commercial payments in 2021. Additionally, FraudBlock™ can be found in the AWS Marketplace at www.aws.amazon.com/marketplace by typing “FraudBlock” or “Blockrails” in the marketplace search bar.

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The Digital Innovation Group (DIG Holdings, LLC) is a GA Telesis™, LLC company. DIG is a creative think tank and execution team that innovates business solutions using emerging technologies. Through the vision of a secure and connected world powered by ingenuity and democratized technology, DIG makes transformational technology accessible for every business. DIG is developing and introducing a series of innovative and related business solutions helping drive transformational change in removing friction and improving business speed and viability. For further information, please email: info@dig.tech

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